Formed in 1885, the Minnesota Sheriffs' Association consists of the 87 Minnesota Sheriffs and their staff. These agencies represent a diversity of regions, from agricultural and wilderness, to metropolitan. Each Sheriff has their own unique situation, duties, and responsibilities. Yet, many of the problems they encounter are common to all.

The Sheriff has had to work through the legislature to propose, endorse, and support legislation, which would enable them to carry out their duties more effectively. They have also had to oppose legislation, which would not only diminish the office of the Sheriff, but also make it obsolete. The Office of Sheriff has protected American democratic principles by seeing to it that the office remains an elected office, and the sheriffs have successfully fought to keep their office non-partisan, believing that if it were a political office it would be possible to lose a certain degree of autonomy.

Being a Sheriff is certainly not viewed as a job; it most definitely is a way of life.