Mission and Vision

The Minnesota Sheriffs' Association's mission is to provide training and education for sheriffs and their deputies. Last year alone we provided over 6,000 hours of training to Sheriffs, correctional officers, Deputy Sheriffs, and Sheriff's command staff in many subjects including civil process, jail management, and legal issue updates. This training insures Sheriffs and their staff are better prepared to serve and protect the citizens of our state.



The Vision of the Minnesota Sheriffs' Association is...

  • To continually support and advance the Office of the Sheriff in the State of Minnesota in providing service to all.



The Mission of the Minnesota Sheriffs' Association is...

  • To advance legislation for the betterment of the public. The association will study, prepare, and present to the legislature such changes or additions to current laws.
  • To foster continuing education and training. The association will promote cooperation, professionalism, and leadership development in providing cost effective training to meet the changing needs of our profession.
  • To support fellow sheriffs in the performance and discharge of their statutory duties.



  • Honesty is being truthful in character and behavior.
  • Respect is the objective, unbiased consideration and regard for the rights, values, beliefs and property of all people.
  • Integrity is a commitment to uphold our positions trust and maintain the highest ethical standards as forth in the Sheriffs' Code of Ethics.
  • Pride is our ability to maintain our self-respect and find satisfaction in our achievements.
  • Professionalism is having a conscientious awareness of our role, image, skills and knowledge in our commitment to providing quality public service.


CLICK HERE for the Code of Ethics of the Office of Sheriff from the National Sheriffs' Association.